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Freshman Orientation at the University of Illinois @ Chicago...the main objective: to crush the hopes and spirits of incoming students. However, in the midst of the chaos and confusion, four jerks - united by their hatred - band together against the hypocrisy of the Art & Architecture Department!

UIC Adventures is a comic series created, written and illustrated by Tyler Ventura. The stories follow the adventures of Tyler, Mike, Eric and Joey as they face the many perils of college life. With Mike's help, the comics have been animated into short video episodes, featuring voiceovers by the jerks themselves!
Episode Guide
Episode 01: Orientation

Fresh from High School, the Jerks are looking forward to their new start in UIC’s Moving Image department (except for Eric, who’s in some program called Industrial Design). Seen as a threat to UIC’s delicate balance of Art and Design, the Triune of Moving Image decides the Jerks must be eliminated before Freshman Orientation ends.

Download the Comic (14.9 mb)
Episode 02: Death by Design

Enslaved to cut 2"x8” strips of paper everyday, the jerks are finding out that Graphic Design is a crock of shit. However, their professor Cheyenne has become quite smitten with Eric. Does that dumb statue thing they saw in Art History Class have something to do with this?

Download the Comic (9.15 mb)

Episode 03: The Munman Saga

Art History class has been canceled indefinitely! Seeking revenge on UIC for their negligence, Professor Munman makes a pact with an ancient demon for power.  Transformed into a rampaging monster, can the Jerks stop Professor Munman before he levels all of UIC...and do they even care to?

Download the Comic (2.97 mb)
Episode 04: Culturecide

In an act of desperation, the Triune makes a surprise edition to the Jerks' curriculum – a cultural diversity requirement.  Professor Davis, an expert in world cultures, is selected to teach the most pointless class in history – Cultural Geography.  To fulfill this bullshit requirement, the jerks must pass this course – or risk flunking out of UIC! And, Joey meets a chick, but she dies!

Download the Comic (10.6 mb)

Episode 05: From Hatred to Loathing

Hoping to end their year-long course in Art History smoothly and quickly, the Jerks hit a road bump in the form of their new Professor. Over-bearing, hypocritical, and a total jackass, Peter Bacon Hales’ rock star attitude and flying beast, Tangent, may be too much for the Jerks to handle as they struggle with comprehending the increasingly stupid history of art.

Download the Comic (3.89 mb)
Episode 06: COMING SOON
Episode 07: Jerks in Time, Part 1

Receiving a cool teacher named Keith Green for their American History course, the Jerks continue to hack away at their gen-ed credits.  The Jerks are unenthusiastic when Keith invites them to the unveiling of “The Cave,” UIC’s prototype time machine.  Meanwhile, the sinister T.A. Okitambi plots his revenge against Keith and the History Department.

Download the Comic (2.91 mb)
Episode 08: Jerks in Time, Part 2

Having hijacked “The Cave” at the unveiling party, Okitambi is pursued by the Jerks and Keith.  Stealing a saber-toothed tiger from the Ice Age, Okitambi and his followers rampage through time, with the Jerks hot on their heels! But just what is Okitambi’s ultimate goal?

Download the Comic (8.23 mb)
Episode 09: Processing Juggernauts

Excited about the chance to actually learn something at UIC, Tyler and Mike sign up for an intro to computer graphics class.  Their hopes are quickly crushed when their teacher turns out to be a Processing facist known in the States as Professor Krauser.  Can Mike, Tyler, and a black kid named Trent find out the secret behind Processing and bring Krauser down?

Download the Comic (3.30 mb)
Episode 10: The Never-Ending Lecture

Sitting through lectures is a common annoyance of college, but what happens when students care too much and actually want to stay in class? Eric, Joey, Mike and Tyler find out the true meaning of idiocy when they confront the ultimate nerd who wants class to go on...forever! Can the Jerks escape or will they be killed by 1930s film idols?

Download the Comic (6.98 mb)
Episode 11: COMING SOON Episode 12: COMING SOON
Episode 13: Inner Hues

Looking for an easy art class outside of the Moving Image department, Joey, Tyler and Mike stumble into Color Theory.  Taught by the fatherly Casai Wenton, Color Theory appears to be a normal class on the surface - until Eric discovers his friends are being brainwashed by an evil cult that intends to resurrect an equally evil but colorful dragon.

Download the Comic (6.89 mb)
Episode 16: COMING SOON
Each issue/episode of UIC Adventures is a comical retelling of our experiences in various classes at UIC. Although the stories are embellished, nearly all the jokes are inspired by something that actually did happen to us. The use of stereotypes is a main source of humor, as well as outrageous relationships between characters - mainly the teacher and student. Behind the laughter is a critical look at the foibles of UIC and its faculty.

UIC Adventures does serve as a vehicle for our anger, disappointment, and frustration with college and sometimes life. As much as we poke fun at school and our teachers, we also reflect upon our own shortcomings and predictability. None of these cracks are made maliciously, and the jokes are all in good humor. We've been lucky enough that the few teachers who have accidentally stumbled upon this page have had a sense of humor about being portrayed in this manner, and we've been even luckier to start having many of our teachers provide their own voices! Indeed, we must give credit to all the friends and teachers depicted in the comic, because without them, UIC Adventures would be lame and emo.
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