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While The Gang is most known for our movies, we've also ventured into the realm of making video games. Here, you can download some of the PC games we've made over the years with the help of RPGMaker. To play the games, download and unzip the files on this page. Then, run the setup.exe file from the unzipped folder and follow the instructions (yes, we know that some of them are in French...figure it out). Enjoy!

Note: You may need to run these programs in Windows XP compatability mode. Right click and choose "troubleshoot compatability!"

The Search for Pappas The Search for Pappas 2 Shenmue: The Gang Edition RPG Mike Wars
The Search for Pappas The Search for Pappas 2 Shenmue: TGE RPG Mike Wars


Join The Gang in their very first video game adventure! When Pappas disappears, it's up to Terry, Mike, Eric and Ben to find him! But they're gonna have to fight their way past a whole buncha bad guys to do it! Guide the characters through this 2D RPG adventure. With really crappy graphics, uninspired gameplay, and pretty much zero replay value, The Search for Pappas is pretty much just a waste of time!


It's been a year or something since The Gang defeated Fiende-San and rescued Pappas from The Void. Everything seemed back to normal...when suddenly, Pappas disappeared again! Take control of Terry, Mike, Jay, and other members of The Gang to find Pappas and defeat his captor!


It's the game that's based on the movie that's based on the game! Guide Ryo Hazuki on his quest to avenge his father's death at the hands of Lan Di! Wander the streets of Yokosuka kicking kittens, drinking soda, ignoring cute girls, and beating the crap out of people!

This game may never be finished, but you can still check out the demo!


Now you too can experience what it's really like to be on the set of a Gang production! Take control of the all-seeing Mike and blast your way through hordes of annoying Terry's as they try to screw up your movie!

W-A-S-D: Up-Left-Down-Right
Mouse Point & Click: Shoot
Space Bar: Drop Bomb
Enter: Full Screen Mode

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